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However, in the near future this SDK will be enhanced to support creation of microservices in other programming languages as well. As part of the Macaw setup, it is mandated to provide a single service host which is then used to create a default environment. The setup section documents the full details of the platform’s configuration steps along with details for each specific configuration item. Macaw platform is supported on generic 64 Bit Linux OS which supports Docker. The steps below provide an automated way of installing the necessary packages needed for Macaw platform and also manual steps if required.


Refer to additional documentation highlighted in blue (The highlighted text is not part of the Macaw setup output). Once the docker installation is done, please perform the below necessary post-installation steps. Make sure the platform host is configured with the fully qualified host name with DNS resolution. It is highly recommended to have proper DNS entry for the host name and avoid using the/etc/hosts mapping of the host name to IP. Please refer to the platform installation and  follow the guidelines.. Sg-bf0ae4d8 – In the above rule, this refers to the Platform Security Group ID.

Macaws—Everything You Need to Know About These Giant Superstars

Notice that the above example first imports the macaw-service-extension. The example shows that the RPC named get-tickets-by-criteria takes 1 input which is an external-ref, locally named criteria. Since we are right now focusing on Java language, we see the java-class usage. The value of java-class is the fully qualified name of the Java class/interface that will be considered as the input to the RPC. Similarly, note that the output of this RPC is also an external-ref of (Java) type Let’s take the example of the “ticket” container which we want to use as input/output in the RPC methods.


If the user doesn’t have an external NFS server, they can install and enable NFS on the platform host. Once installed, they can NFS export a mount from the platform host and all the service hosts can NFS mount the directory. If firewall is disabled, the user can ignore this pre-requisite. If firewall is enabled on the Linux Host, then for platform installation the ports/services listed below need to be opened up. Macaw Platform AMI runs disk intensive programs like kafka/zookeeper/cassandra. Hence it is absolutely necessary to have separate disks hosting the relevant data for these programs.

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Select ‘SDK’ preference link under ‘Macaw’ and press ‘Add’ to provide a name and location of the Macaw SDK. Using the catalog card layout section or list layout section, services can be deployed onto per-configured environments. To deploy service(s) from any blueprint, the below required information need to be provided. Blueprint can be written manually by following the schema or can be created automatically.


When they choose their mates, they usually stick together, build their family and enjoy mutual grooming. These birds are intelligent, and many of them can learn to talk. Their intelligence level is comparable to that of a human toddler. These birds usually nestle in the southern portion of America, Central and South America. These macaws are a top favorite among bird enthusiasts, thanks to their friendly and comical personality.

During the Service Blueprint deployment into a specific environment, the user can select any one or multiple of these optional capabilities to be applied to the deployed service. This JSON object defines each unique optional capability of the environment. Within the capability, you can specify resources like volumes, ports, labels, environment variables. If the capability is selected during the provisioning time, then volumes, ports, labels, environments defined under this capability are applied to the deployed services. Using this unique way user can define custom optional services. is a JSON file which feeds Macaw service provisioner with environments where the user can provision their microservices.


Macaws are very social animals; soon after becoming adults, they form pairs and then join a flock, usually of about 30 individuals, but sometimes as many as 100. The flock members communicate with each other by a wide range of squawks, screeches, whistles, and honks. These vocalizations are also used to identify their partners, and as a way to mark territory. Flocks are active during the day (diurnal), and often fly long distances to search for food.

If your macawpublish.globals has a different repo name like [production], then you can specify the repo name during the launch of the tool like below. Please refer to the link below for more explanation on the keystore format. Also refer to the Macaw Documentation on how to generate certificates/keystores/truststores. If an issue like below is encountered, mostly the docker environment is not set correctly for the private registry. Follow the standard docker instructions on how to enable docker daemon to talk to the private registry. If using the tool without any –repo option, then the tool looks for [dev] settings in the macawpublish.globals.

These birds need a ton of space and constant monitoring, so it’s best not to put them together. Macaws are challenging to keep since they need large enclosures, lots of time, and toys for mental stimulation and attention. They may be bitey at first, but this behavior will disappear as they develop trust in you. Macaws can be dangerous for kids because they have large beaks that could severely injure a small child when playing or in distress. So even if your kids are mature and responsible, it’d be safer if you’d choose kid-friendly parrots. Hyacinth macaws are often the most high-priced because they can cost up to $40,000.

Once the installation is done, the user can move to the Platform Installation section. Macaw tool set uses certain Python libraries which would get installed as part of the Macaw tool installation. However, it would require certain packages to be present on the system. If installer is not used or cannot be used in your environment, the below steps can be executed manually.

It comes with the basic necessary content to containerize the Python service. Each service can also specify any service specific configurations that they have to make available to the service, during the runtime, through this file. The directory structure for developing a Python service looks as follows. The artifact generator tool and the Eclipse plugin generate these structures. To support non-Java based microservices, Macaw uses a concept called sidecar.

Macaw Habitat

Unfortunately, macaws’ popularity brought an ill fate for the birds. They became in demand in the pet trade, and many illegal traders exported them illegally. When cared for properly, these giant parrots can live up to 30 years.


As you can expect with their name, they’re native to Cuba, but unfortunately, they became extinct in the 19th century. They typically have an average lifespan of 40 years, making them a fantastic parrot to have if you’re looking for a pet to be a significant part of your life for a long time. Like the many other Macaws on this list, the Blue-Headed Macaw is an almost entirely green Macaw, but as you can tell by their name, they have a blue head. Nevertheless, they’re active and loving parrots in dire need of love from their human counterparts. They’re actually incredibly gentle and loving, making them one of the best parrots to consider adopting. Their large beak and greyish blue look makes them one of the most sought-after parrots.

  • Beautiful would be an understatement if we were to describe these birds.
  • As a developer you develop using Macaw SDK tooling and additionally any Macaw client libraries (wherever necessary).
  • However, there are some usecases which require support for Stateful microservices.
  • To overcome such challenges, Macaw has first class support for running your microservices outside of containers, locally on your development machine.

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Many Mac users already routinely use generative AI.

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