Colorado Sweet Gold

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Project Details

  • Colorado Sweet Gold
  • October 2018
  • Johnstown, Colorado
  • $1.299.525,00

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    Colorado Sweet Gold (Johnstown, Colorado)

    TRC America Demolition Services purchased assets from this former corn syrup facility. This purchase included a titanium distillation column, transformers, 42 stainless steel tanks ranging in size from 650 to 77,300 gallons, and associated valves, pumps, conveyors, and electrical systems. Assets were located on several floors, with some in interior areas requiring extensive rigging to remove.

    Our asset recovery crew removed the 85’ tall steeping building contents, which contained the tanks, steam/flow control systems, and a 118’ conveyor. Housed inside were seven tanks measuring 16’ by 58’ 6” and having a volume of  77,300 gallons each, along with several thousand feet of flow control and steam piping, approximately 180 valves, pumps, and control units with most located on a floor 65’ above grade and access only by outside stairs. All items had to be rigged and lowered.

    The next phase involved the removal of a 56’ tall 13 tray titanium distillation column. This system included the column, heat exchangers, valves, piping, and fire suppression system. During the removal process, great care had to be taken to identify and separate the different alloys for processing to ensure maximum yield on our investment. During the course of this job, our personnel removed several thousand pounds of stainless steel.

    Through extensive training to identify and sort material types along with our alloy testers and market contacts, we received premium pricing for all recovered material. Our sales team successfully marketed and sold all reusable assets through our network of industrial/commercial buyers. While onsite several other companies requested to partner with us to help them move their assets.