Perry Nuclear Power Plant

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Project Details

  • Perry Nuclear Power Plant
  • October 2018
  • Cleveland (Perry), Ohio
  • $1.299.525,00

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    About Project

    TRC America Demolition Services dismantled the over 1,000,000 square feet of buildings at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. This consisted of the entire Unit 2 Turbine, Off-Gas, and Heater Bay Buildings and approximately 16,000,000 pounds of operating equipment such as the GE Turbine and housing, Generator Stator and windings, the entire Condenser System including 3 Water Boxes and piping, 3 Main Transformers, Iso-Phase Bus duct system, 2 – 215 Ton Bridge Cranes, Feedwater Venturi Piping and Main Steam Lines.

    This work was completed while the Unit 1 Reactor remained at full power with zero OSHA Reportable or lost time incidents. To complete this, TRC America Demolition Services worked closely with the utility and their Project Manager. They developed a full-scale Project Management Plan that broke the salvage and disassembly down into Phases and manageable tasks.

    The initial phase required that the entire building be walked down by the utility and TRC America Demolition Services to determine how the building’s safety features could be brought up to OSHA Standards due to the presence of open pits with a fall potential of >90 ft. To complete this, TRC America Demolition Services installed approximately 3,000 ft. of hand railings and toe boards at each facility’s elevation.

    Phase 2 of the Project required the entire site to undergo an environmental study to test the presence of PCBs, lead, asbestos, and, most importantly, radioactivity. Upon receiving clear results on all testing, the Transformers were drained of all oil and shipped for recycling. Also, the Unit 2 Turbine Building’s “Train Bay” was cleared of old construction trailers and utility piping.

    The third phase required the removal and salvage of all materials and components throughout the facilities. This included the 1,235Mw Turbine Generator and Stator Windings, as well as the Condenser System and its storage tank.