Hookers Point Power Plant

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Project Details

  • Hookers Point Power Plant
  • October 2018
  • www.forza44.com
  • Tampa, Florida
  • $1.299.525,00

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    Hookers Point Power Plant (Tampa, Florida)

    TRC America Demolition Services, Inc. purchased the Hooker’s Point Power Plant assets to include 5 steam turbines and generators from 40 to 80 megawatt.

    During phase one of the project, we worked with the facility environmental personnel to determine and test any potential environmental issues associated with this project. Our personnel oversaw the testing of equipment and associated piping to determine if any asbestos issues were present. After the results were reviewed, TRC America Demolition Services contracted with a qualified company to abate the detected asbestos and supplied our customers with the proper documentation for removal and disposal.

    We disassembled/ dismantled the turbines and generators during phase two, along with 5 condensers, feedwater heaters, and pumps. As part of this phase, our crews dismantled/removed the facility’s complete substation to include all associated cable, buss, cable trays, transformers, oil-filled circuit breakers, and miscellaneous electrical gear. TRC America Demolition Services worked closely with the facility owner to schedule the equipment removal to meet set time requirements.

    Our cutting crews cut more than 2.5 million pounds of steel and cast iron that, in some cases, exceeded 8” thick material. As part of the TRC America Demolition Services’ policy of maximizing the recoverable materials on our projects, we recycled 99% of all material removed from this facility to include copper, nickel, brass, steel, etc. Our crews have been trained to sort materials to provide the greatest return and access alloy testers if needed.