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Decommissioning is the scheduled and organized shut-down of a facility that is no longer needed. TRC America specializes in fossil, energy, utility, and nuclear plant facilities across the nation. With decommissioning, many other steps need to be taken to safely and appropriately permanently remove the plant from service.
It is our fundamental belief that each project is unique by definition. The timeline for each project cannot be assumed before we have a clear scope of the work that needs to be done. Based on your needs and requirements, we establish a plan in accordance to proven PMI Standards. Once that information has been obtained, we build out a specific schedule with a target date of completion.
During decommissioning, much of the material used to construct a facility initially became radioactive over time, posing the entire operation's biggest threat. Our team's safety and the safety of the environment are of utmost concern.

TRC America has successfully adopted a top-down commitment to establishing an excellent safety culture. Through these efforts, TRC continues to provide a safe work environment for our employees and our customers.
TRC America has decades of experience safely decommissioning transformers. Our expertise and capabilities comprise more than 50 years in the demolition and construction industries, 35+ years of direct Fossil and Nuclear Management, and Project Management.

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